Robots are taking over the world! Well, Maybe not…


I remember when I was growing up a lot of people thinking that would happen someday, that robots would take over the world!

I think it has happened! Although in a much more subtle form. Everyone knows that technology has taken over our lives and the way the world works. I’ve even heard it said that technology has taken the world by storm just in the last decade. Whether we want to admit it or not technology has in many ways, taken over our lives. Almost everything we do today has some computerized system behind it for it to work.

The next technological milestone has been the implementation of the Internet worldwide. The worldwide web they call it, which interconnects almost everything. More and more the Internet is working together with all of the computerized systems that are operating everything and controlling most of what we do in our lives; from our basic utilities and much-needed services in our homes to the vehicles we drive, our finances, our medical services, our entertainment, many of our jobs and jobs done by many types of robotics; in addition to our social interactions, even our everyday communication with friends and family.

All this is done through an artificially intelligent super brain we call a central processing unit or CPU in a computer / tablet / smart phone / smart TVs  and Blue Ray players / our vehicle’s brain under the hood or dash / medical equipment / cash registers and card readers, etc. These are what control all the computer systems that control all the other things that control our lives. These super brains or CPUs have become more and more powerful year-by-year or you might say smarter and smarter! Most of us are holding in our hands what we call a smart phone which in turn is controlled by a CPU which gets more and more powerful and smarter with each new update. The average person cannot begin to comprehend the power and intelligence of these CPU units which control our world. As a matter of fact they do not want the average person knowing the potential of these tiny super brains that we carry in our pockets, control our vehicles, and provide our services. While these technological miracles cannot begin to match the human brain and mind; as we use them more and more of them we use less of ours. That is a scary thought, and that might be the plan or “Program”. What plan? The plan to control society without people even knowing they’re being controlled.

Now, every day more and more of these computer systems which control all of “our things” are being put online! This through the World Wide Web so that they can offer us even more services for our benefit of course! (Of course the world knows too!) What many do not realize is that all of these computer systems being interconnected with the World Wide Web are tracking everything we do from where we go using our GPS on our smart phone (Even embedded – hidden in the pictures we take with it) to our shopping habits through surfing the web and computer systems in the on-line superstores to all of our purchases to our banking habits. It’s all connected through the World Wide Web and these super-smart super computers. It’s all “Super” isn’t it? i.e. marketing jargon…

This thing is not done in a corner, it is all over the tech news but most people pay little attention to those things while they surf the web, check-in at Facebook, play on-line games, surfing Amazon, make bids on eBay, tweet about breakfast, and talk to or text friends and family about everything they’re doing, sending pictures and “links”. Yes, like links in the chain connecting your whole life and all that you do. While these computer systems track you and record everything you do, – yes they record everything you do, they are storing it all in huge data collection centers (I could say much more about that) and sifting through it learning habits and patterns of behavior to predict possible actions and decisions that you might make in the future.

It is a fact that they are doing this and has been talked about on many news paper stories, programs and special reports and blog articles that I have read in the tech news that most people overlook or care little about; and they are glad you don’t. Because these are the tools that they use to manipulate you and control what you do without you even knowing it. Like certain adds or offers popping up in certain places at certain times of day custom made just for YOU by their knowledge of your life status, family information, habits and patterns… Who are “they”? They are the ones that control the economies of the world, big business corporations and big banks, from governments to the entertainment industry, and now at least partially, you and me. Money is the oil that keeps this world machine running, whoever controls the money controls the whole system. To what degree, I am not sure; but you can be sure of this; they are gaining more control all the time through these computer systems, the World Wide Web, banking systems, marketing strategies, social and entertainment industries along with our jobs, our income and what we do with it.

So, robots controlling the world? Well not walking around slapping us on top the head and giving us orders. Although there is an artificial intelligence system in place that is controlling more and more of the world and our life – you and me. For the most part it’s called “services”, and I do enjoy many of them and don’t plan on giving them up anytime soon. I am actually excited to see all that it can do and enjoy using all of it that I can. Nevertheless it is not running on it’s own, behind the scenes there is a controlling group (Some call them the Illuminati) That does concern me; but I have no control over them so I don’t worry too much about it. That would be a pointless waste of time when I could be on Facebook! LOL! …

Daniel W. Isrite


I don’t worry because I trust the mastermind controller of the universe! The almighty sovereign God overall things! He is the author of my destiny, I read about it in His Book. I know the end of the story, it’s going to be okay!


My Musing Mind or Musical Chairs?

Winding Trail

Winding Trail

Amazing how I have forgotten so much that I knew very well at one time. It is like being away from a places a long time and traveling back through here and there and thinking, yes, I remember this place! My bible study and church/ministry associations has spanned over 30 years unlike others who stayed one course I have studied so many different doctrines (Even many other religions out of curiosity mostly) I cant even remember them all.

It is staggering how many different ideas, opinions and doctrines capture my thoughts as I do my devotions or study the bible making it very hard to focus on one thing at a time. It’s all very frustrating and tiring now while it used to be exciting. I mean all these various ways one may choose to study… Some have told me I try too hard, I don’t know. I do have analytical mind, I know that is how I think. I have read where some people think in such a way that they often overlook the obvious and simple trying to find the complicated. I think another way to put it would be “not seeing the forest for the trees”.

Nevertheless there are absolutes in my faith that do not change such as Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Savior of the World, God The Father is Sovereign over all, The Holy Spirit is a reality in my life, my only Spiritual Advocate, Comforter, and Teacher, my true life. The Holy Bible is the Word of God, my rule of faith and practice as best I can follow it with the help of the Holy Spirit. These basics have not wavered over the years.

On the bible, I have been all over the place with that too. There are so many versions and translations philosophies, manuscript variations and sources it is mind boggling. Everything from strict literal word-for-word (which actually is impossible from one language to another, there has to be some interpretation by the translator which means personal decisions and choices in some places) to formal equivalence, to dynamic equivalence, to thought for thought, to a complete paraphrase! Whew! I have seriously studied all of this and own hundreds of bibles hard copy and digitally in english and original languages. Most of the variations make little difference in the basic doctrines of the bible and Christian faith which makes arguing about them a waist of time or even down right silly sometimes; considering some of the things they argue over. I may write some about that sometime. Now I didn’t used to see it this way, I was right in there with them in one of the camps at one time and another. I have been King James only to original language only to all we need is a good paraphrase. I see good in all these now and understand where they are all coming from accept the nonsense of arguing over words or phrases that do not change the overall meaning; which when overheard by non-believers only serves to weaken their possible faith in it. I have settled down sort of in the middle of these translation philosophies leaning toward the formal equivalence but not quite because of the unreadability and misunderstanding a true formal equivalent can cause. The language needs to be as natural as possible without sacrificing the true intent of the word. So I have settled on the NIV as “My Bible”, I especially like the updated 2011 version. I have made many circles with all these but have always come back to the NIV and now it’s even better with the new updated version. Many would disagree with me about that as there is much debate about it. Mostly bickering over small changes which all seems silly to me as I stated above. I can study the original languages in may other ways as deep as anyone wants to get, I have many tools to do that. The reason I bought my bible was to read it and hear God speak to me through it and the NIV does this for me more than the others for the most part. Furthermore I agree with their dynamic equivalence  translation philosophy and therefore I can trust what I am reading as the Word of God to English speaking people today.That’s what everyone should do; get one that speaks to YOU and forget all the arguing over this or that word. Even Paul speaking to Timothy warned about this. 2 Tim 2:14 It only does harm.

I suppose I have written my way back around to where I started with an answer to my first concern. All of the major Christian Churches and organizations  agree on the basic doctrines for the most part as far as salvation is concerned. Although there are some doctrines that can be very important that are hotly debated but these are not soteriological or would effect ones salvation thank God. So I suppose I should just do as I said about the bible translations; find one that speaks to me and quit fretting about all the other arguments. I have never found any one of them I can completely agree with nor do I think most other people can either. So, for fellowships sake, which every Christian desperately needs, I suppose I should quit nit-picking, analyzing, and scrutinizing everything and find one I can be comfortable with and I can hear God speak to me there. Although this would require my holding in what I believe or think about some things. So maybe I haven’t answered my concerns… See what I mean, I feel like I am walking in circles following myself while having a conversation with myself about these things which ends up leading me back around the circle once again… I am tired, very tired… I have been on this roller-coaster for much too long and I am starting to get light headed…


Daniel W Isrite

Unspeakable Words

Lake Charles State Park AR. 9/15/12 iPhone 4

Lake Charles State Park AR. 9/15/12 iPhone 4 edited with iPhoto


Unspeakable words,

The hearing ear learns,

Those who’ve heard it,

Know it’s The Lord!

Seeking for truth,

 In all of creation,

Looking around at nature unfold,

All of It’s mysteries,

Of truth yet told,

Those who will hear it,

Will know it’s the Lord.

Breeze moves His Spirit,

Trees sway his Word,

All nature sings out,

What a lovely word!

Those who’ve heard it,

Know it’s The Lord!

My heart leaps within me,

I look with wide eyes,

At every new vision,

A beautiful surprise!

How would I know,

How could I see,

The Almighty Creator,

Looking back at me!

Unspeakable words,

The hearing ear learns,

Those who’ve heard it,

Know it’s The Lord!

By Daniel W Isrite

It’s been a rainy day around the home front today.

Running muddy water

Running muddy water

Very quite here today, It’s been just me and my fur babies, Yogi n Lil’ Rascal, two little Maltese spoiled sweet best friends. Except

Rascal wading rain water

Rascal wading rain water

for short jaunts in the rain, they have been right by my desk chair all day, especially the little one, Rascal, he is horrified anytime it thunders. Bless his little heart, I don’t know what to do except pet him, tell him it’ll be ok, and occasionally pick him up and hold him till he stops trembling. Yogi is older and doesn’t sweat it, he will just lay there and calmly chew on a leather chewy of some kind…

Yogi in the rain

Yogi in the rain

Nothing really upsets Yogi except when we’re out and I get out of my truck, then some catastrophic event is surely about to take place! He doesn’t like it at all even though I leave the windows cracked, motor running, air or heat on, radio on his favorite station, and the doors locked. I never leave them more than a few minutes to jump out and get a soda or something and hop right back in the driversseat. On the other hand; Rascal who is the high-strung over emotional one, for an odd role reversal; Rascal doesn’t mind me getting out at all, just lays down in the seat and waits for me to return while Yogi is having a barking fit jumping all over the truck. Yogi has even leaned to honk the horn which can be annoying not to mention embarrassing. When all else fails I break out the treats! Treats! ahhh yes! That is what makes the world a wonderful place! I think treats must be kinda like Xanax to dogs although the effects don’t last as long on them. Short term use of course…

Brick Wall

Brick Wall

Well, I’ve tried to think of something to blog about today and I have hit a wall. I don’t know if it’s enjoying the peace and quiet and hearing the rain pelting on the house from time to time putting me into a transcendental state, LOL! Also, I am having a hard time learning to blog this new way with no agenda, focus, genre, or main topic like I have been used to in the past. Nevertheless, this is what I have decided to do and I am going to stick with it till I figure out how it’s done. I really think I will enjoy it and I know I will have some interesting stories or whatever to share. I just haven’t gotten into the grove of how this type of blog is done. Maybe I’m trying too hard. I didn’t even watch or read the news today which is unusual for me. It has been an exceptionally trying time mentally and emotionally the last few days… Maybe my brain and spirit is trying to take a break. I guess it might need it..
Hopefully I’ll have something more engaging the next time I post.


   Daniel W Isrite

Universe is Not Expanding After All, Scientists Say | Astronomy |

Universe is Not Expanding After All, Scientists Say | Astronomy |

New evidence, based on detailed measurements of the size and brightness of hundreds of galaxies, indicates that the Universe is not expanding after all, says a team of astrophysicists led by Eric Lerner from Lawrenceville Plasma Physics.

In their study, the scientists tested one of the striking predictions of the Big Bang theory – that ordinary geometry does not work at great distances.

In the space around us, on Earth, in the Solar System and our Milky Way Galaxy, as similar objects get farther away, they look fainter and smaller. Their surface brightness, that is the brightness per unit area, remains constant.

In contrast, the Big Bang theory tells us that in an expanding Universe objects actually should appear fainter but bigger. Thus in this theory, the surface brightness decreases with the distance. In addition, the light is stretched as the Universe expanded, further dimming the light.

So in an expanding Universe the most distant galaxies should have hundreds of times dimmer surface brightness than similar nearby galaxies, making them actually undetectable with present-day telescopes.

But that is not what observations show, as demonstrated by this new study published in the International Journal of Modern Physics D.

Hmmm, So… The Big Bang is a Bunch of Bull it seems! Wow! This could cause quite a stir in the academic as well as religious world. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Looks like the numbers are in and the “Big Bang” is BUSTED! Numbers don’t tend to lie… 


Daniel W Isirite 

The Muddle Man

Thru the eye of the fog

Thru the eye of the fog


I feel I am living,

In a dream state,

How long has it been,

Since I’ve been awake?

I’m trying to rise,

How long will it take?

My mind is so muddled,

I can’t seem to think.

It’s all out of sorts,

All out of sync.

Oh Lord I’m so tired,

Confused and askew,

Please help me Oh Lord,

Tell me what I should do!

How long has it been?

I really don’t know.

Time seems it’s racing,

And then it’s so slow.

What’s going on?

Where’s my mind,

Where’d it go?

In this fog I am living,

My mind tends to wander,

The haze grows heavy,

As I sit and ponder.

Oh Lord I’m so tired,

Confused and askew,

Please help me Oh Lord,

Tell me what I should do.

Things all around me,

Are moving so fast.

I can’t keep up,

How long will this last?

I want to wake up,

From this dream I am living!

Disarray and derangement,

So many misgivings.

This is not where I thought,

I would be at this age.

I should be more sure,

And clear at this stage.

Yet here I am in this state,

Of darkness and haze.

Is this how I’ll spend,

The rest of my days?

Oh Lord I’m so tired,

Confused and askew.

Please help me Oh Lord,

Tell me what I should do!

I was once so sure, so clear and exact,

I was a standard of steadiness,

On each point and fact.

Where’d I go wrong,

And get so off track?

So now tho I travel,

A land of film-flam

I keep trusting You Lord

Tho I know not where I am

Daniel W Isrite

© ™Daniel.W.Isrite

Finally, A Nice Day at The RV Park!

Nice Day RV Park
I woke up this morning before daylight, went back to sleep until light coming through the bedroom RV window awoke me. I looked out to see what kind of day it was and if the lake was receding any. It does seem to be going down some

RV Park 1I got up went to the bathroom, got my coffee water started in the microwave, got Yogi and Rascal out of bed and put them on the kitchen table bench, took my medicine and sat down and peered out the picture window while I had a few drinks of coffee.

In a few minuets after I got myself going enough I took the boys out for a morning peepee, just a short time at first in the morning. The cool but not too cool breeze was nice. Brilliant sunshine filtering through the trees gave me the feeling that this was going to be a good day!

“He who would love life
And see good days,
Let him refrain his tongue from evil,
And his lips from speaking deceit.

(1 Peter 3:10 NKJV)

I came back in and sat down at the table and talked to The Lord a while and then opened my bible and read from proverbs then psalms which lead me over to Matthew and a topic search in my Thompson KJV Large Print (Small print doesn’t work well for me anymore) on the importance of words. Another way to put it is guarding what comes out of our mouths. The good and the bad words, warning about negative or hurtful words mostly. I think the point was that the bad things we say about others end up hurting us more than the one’s they are directed at. It just occurred to me that the bible must have a lot more to say in warning about negative speach than the positive benefits of speaking good words.

O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. 35 A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things:and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. 36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. 37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned

(Matthew 12:34-37 KJV)

I suppose these frequent warnings are because of God’s protective nature towards His children. Like us, if we can’t get our kids to do things that benefit them we try to at least keep them from doing things that will hurt them. God isn’t so mean as people suppose Him to be, just protective of His children. We like children rebel against his advice many times thinking He is only wanting to spoil our party or just won’t let us have any fun; sound familiar? That’s why Jesus introduced us to God as “Father” so we would get an idea of how He thinks and operates, the reason behind the commandments, He loves us.

boys looking water RV park

It rained for four days when we first got here at this park. The lake kept coming up until the park ranger came and told me we would have to move to higher ground. They were going to shut off the electric to the site I was on and it may even get overrun with water. I’m looking down from this site now on the site I was on and it did almost get covered over. The road going around the park on that end is under water right now.



looking down on site where I was













Today is gorgeous! It’s been worth the wait even if I only enjoy this for today. It is so beautiful looking out the RV windows across the woods and the lake. The other campers out here are very quiet; all I can hear right now is the gentle rustle of the breeze blowing through the green leaves glittering with silver light. A bird chirps its song now and then and the distant sound of children’s laughter. There is something calming to me about hearing the sound of children playing in the distance.

Home away from home!

Home away from home!

boys looking out across the back of the RV Park

boys looking out across the back of the RV Park

The boys, my fur babies as I refer to them, and I went for a slow stroll around the park about mid morning. We stopped and talked to a couple of people just briefly. The boys barked their hellos, especially at one site where the couple had another Maltese. They know they are special and don’t think any others like them should be in their territory. The little one is a little fire cracker and thinks he rules the world and can tackle anything from German Shepherds to Doberman Pinschers.


My mother had me worried this morning for a while. I couldn’t get her to answer the phone till about 11:00 am. All was well though, she was just sleeping late. I have to keep a close eye on her any way I can even when I am away. She is in her 80s and has crippling arthritis and getting Alzheimer’s in early stages. I stay with her often and help her as much as I can. My own thinking isn’t so clear anymore since my life is split up in so many pieces, from home to moms to going out in the RV just to get away for a while to clear my thoughts. Although, I seem to always have a gnawing feeling of guilt in my guts that I am being selfish. I try to tell myself it’s not reasonable and I do deserve to get away now and then but another voice from somewhere says“ No you don’t, you’re a selfish person and you know you should be somewhere else, at home doing things or taking care of your mother”. I can’t seem to kick it, although I do not believe it is right. I have many health issues of my own that I am struggling with as well which doesn’t make it any easier. As a matter of fact it makes nearly everything I do painful or more difficult than what used to be normal. Normal, that’s only a faint memory of the way things used to be way back in what seems now to be another world entirely. We find ourselves sometimes somewhere and we are not sure how we got there. This is why I hang on so dearly to my God; He is the only lasting stability that has stuck with me through these years. Yes, unchanging, ever-present, always knowing and understanding me as He loves me through my life. I don’t know what I would do without my faith in my God and Father, my Lord Jesus Christ and His precious Spirit and Holy Word. I would probably have imploded by now I’m sure.

It’s about time to take my two little bosses out again, so I guess I’ll have to go for now.

Daniel W Isrite

A bit about me to get started.


Let’s see, I have two of the cutest little Maltese dogs you ever saw. They are my constant companions and best friends. We are a team, we eat, sleep and play together. We take walks and have talks. We love to play fetch and eat treats. Life is so filled with joy to them they bounce up and down and run in circles they cannot contain it; so it runs over into me and I love it! They can make me smile when it’s the last thing I want to do.

I have written a lot about religious views, some poetry, some technical stuff, RVing, and general life experiences. There is no telling what I might write about on this blog. It’s just me Daniel W Isrite and my life; love me or hate me, take me or leave me, I am who I am. I like to express my opinions but I am teachable, open minded to a point, however some things are ‘in my opinion’ no-brainers and non debatable; at least it would be a senseless waist of time ‘in my opinion’. Although opinions are like passing gas; everybody does it, some just don’t want anyone to know it’s theirs. They would rather share someone else’s and hide behind whoever it might be they’re quoting; that way they don’t have to own it. You see a lot of that on Facebook and twitter. I suppose I do it too at times like everyone else; but then there are times I just let my words fly and tell the world what “I” think. Although I have written some things I wish I hadn’t; it’s kinda like toothpaste, once it’s out there there’s no putting it back.

I like reading although I am a slow reader. I have took speed-reading courses and tried all the tricks but nothing really helped me. Oh yes, I increased my reading speed dramatically according to the test but usually didn’t have much of an idea what I just read! So the thing about more retention and comprehension didn’t work for me. I listen to a lot of books with Audible while I’m driving and enjoy it, still, it’s just not the same as reading it. I also read a lot on my iPad, and Mac (the iPhone is just too small for me to read much) even so, digital reading is just not like holding a book in your hands and reading words off a page. It really doesn’t make sense, it’s the same thing, but not the same…? Can I say that? I have literally thousands of books in my digital libraries for different purposes (Mostly for study) I use them for reference for the most part accept for some titles on my kindle and iBooks account. Digital books also makes it a lot easier to copy and paste when I want to quote something. I have books on almost everything I could think of. I also have a large library in my study that mostly collect dust. I have so many interests it’s hard for me to focus on one thing for very long. Maybe I have ADD I don’t know. Then there are times when I am zeroed in on something like a laser and I won’t let up till I take it to a conclusion even if it means staying up till the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes I just need to know, ya know? My brain wont let me rest till I know that I know.

I like the outdoors and nature. I love being in the mountains, or out in the boonies by a lake or on a sea shore. This is why I like RVing. As a matter of fact that is where I am right now, looking out at the lake as I type these words. I used to ride motorcycles cross country and tent camp. I did that a lot until I had an accident at work that injured my neck leaving some nerve damage. I can still ride, but I like to ride big bikes and I don’t think it is all that safe anymore for me with the possible side effects of the nerve damage flaring up at 70 mph. with a 900 lb. bike under me. Maybe I should get a scooter… Anyway, I traded in the big bike and bought an RV, well, three before I got settled on one; kinda the goldilocks thing… RVing is what I do now whenever I can; which is pretty often since I’m retired. My wife is still working and I do have an elderly mother that needs me to not stay away too long so that kinda keeps me from only seeing life through the windshield and rearview mirrors for now. RVing is more than just recreation for me; it’s therapeutic and the perfect setting for the few things I can be productive at and I like to do. I could even see it being a lifestyle someday.

I am a Christian but I am also a thinker. I don’t believe everything someone tells me because they have some title or are standing behind a pulpit. I have even been behind that pulpit myself many times and many times I’m sorry to say, I was wrong, sincere, but sincerely wrong. The difference is when I am wrong I will admit it when it is proven to me that I am wrong; publicly if I need be. Many will not do this because their livelihood depends on being right or at least in agreement with whatever denomination is telling them what is right and or wrong. I was never in that position as I always worked at a regular job. Teaching and preaching was always something I considered a gift so I figured I should return the favor and make it a gift as well. I was put on a salary once but soon refused it. I cannot count how many different views I followed thinking I was right at the time, only to find later on I was mistaken yet again. Now? Well now, since about 8 months ago I decided that the bible is my only rule of faith and practice. Many will say that is what they adhere to as well, however, when confronted with an obvious discrepancy in their teaching as apposed to what the bible actually says; they will dance around the issue quoting from this commentary and that expert Dr. So-n-so, juggling words like a circus clown in a bin full of beach balls. Anything but admit they must be wrong; that is if the bible is their sole source of truth. Anyway, I’m off on a rabbit trail here. I’ll just say, if the bible says it, I believe it, if it says it’s right, it’s right, if it says it’s wrong, it’s wrong. I’ll just say I do not wear any Christian labels, I’m just a bible believer, Jesus follower, and kid of the King of the universe who thanks God everyday for His forgiveness. I’m sure I’ll say more about all that later.

So that’s a little about me and what this blog may be used for. Feel free to leave a comment.

Daniel W Isrite