More Morality

Very wise words for a not-so-wise society. Many would say we are always pulling the religious card when these topics come up. Although, insanitybytes makes a clear case here that religion really doesn’t have to have anything to do with it.

See, there's this thing called biology...

A statement I have bumped into a few times this week, three hot button issues that I allegedly oppose for religious reasons, abortion, homosexuality, and birth control. I say “allegedly oppose” because as far as I know I’ve never really made a religious argument against any of these things. I have written a rather secular argument against abortion here.

I wish to address these issues from the perspective of an alien lizard overlord…..or Batman. Batman is cool. Anyway, from a rather detached, non emotional perspective, simply as an observer of how civilization creates itself, there are some potentially negative consequences from embracing all three of these things.

Birth control, the invention of the pill for example, forever changed relationships between men and women and altered the course of civilization. Women gained some illusion of control over our biology. Suddenly we were able to plan and organize our lives without being left in a biologically vulnerable…

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