It’s been a rainy day around the home front today.

Running muddy water

Running muddy water

Very quite here today, It’s been just me and my fur babies, Yogi n Lil’ Rascal, two little Maltese spoiled sweet best friends. Except

Rascal wading rain water

Rascal wading rain water

for short jaunts in the rain, they have been right by my desk chair all day, especially the little one, Rascal, he is horrified anytime it thunders. Bless his little heart, I don’t know what to do except pet him, tell him it’ll be ok, and occasionally pick him up and hold him till he stops trembling. Yogi is older and doesn’t sweat it, he will just lay there and calmly chew on a leather chewy of some kind…

Yogi in the rain

Yogi in the rain

Nothing really upsets Yogi except when we’re out and I get out of my truck, then some catastrophic event is surely about to take place! He doesn’t like it at all even though I leave the windows cracked, motor running, air or heat on, radio on his favorite station, and the doors locked. I never leave them more than a few minutes to jump out and get a soda or something and hop right back in the driversseat. On the other hand; Rascal who is the high-strung over emotional one, for an odd role reversal; Rascal doesn’t mind me getting out at all, just lays down in the seat and waits for me to return while Yogi is having a barking fit jumping all over the truck. Yogi has even leaned to honk the horn which can be annoying not to mention embarrassing. When all else fails I break out the treats! Treats! ahhh yes! That is what makes the world a wonderful place! I think treats must be kinda like Xanax to dogs although the effects don’t last as long on them. Short term use of course…

Brick Wall

Brick Wall

Well, I’ve tried to think of something to blog about today and I have hit a wall. I don’t know if it’s enjoying the peace and quiet and hearing the rain pelting on the house from time to time putting me into a transcendental state, LOL! Also, I am having a hard time learning to blog this new way with no agenda, focus, genre, or main topic like I have been used to in the past. Nevertheless, this is what I have decided to do and I am going to stick with it till I figure out how it’s done. I really think I will enjoy it and I know I will have some interesting stories or whatever to share. I just haven’t gotten into the grove of how this type of blog is done. Maybe I’m trying too hard. I didn’t even watch or read the news today which is unusual for me. It has been an exceptionally trying time mentally and emotionally the last few days… Maybe my brain and spirit is trying to take a break. I guess it might need it..
Hopefully I’ll have something more engaging the next time I post.


   Daniel W Isrite


4 thoughts on “It’s been a rainy day around the home front today.

  1. Max went to the groomer today so your first photo of brown running water gave me the shakes. There would not be enough dog shampoo in the world to clean a Maltese after that. Max hates rain and acts like a spoiled movie star when asked to go out and do his business on a rainy day. I threaten to to hold him out the window and squeeze.

  2. Amazing how much alike they are! Yogi is the same way. He will have to be ‘helped’ out the door then he will just stand there holding one paw up, then try to tip toe a few steps… It’s like come on pee already! You’re not going to melt! Now Rascal on the other hand is like a Grey Hound out the gate on race day rain or not! and comes back half grey and half white… He is shorter anyway which makes it even worse. Yep forget keeping a Maltese clean around this kinda stuff. Although, we are out in parks RVing a lot so I have to just suck it up and get out the shampoo. You would think their groomer would hate to see us coming but she must really love dogs is all I can say… I’ll remember the threat LOL! I may try that on Yogi on the next rainy day.

  3. My brain needs a break from all the info out there as well from time to time. I can usually bounce back with more energy–so it is a win win deal.

    And, we have a cat like Rascal who is scared of thunder. Our youngest son is as well so they can keep each other company.

    Enjoy your weekend Daniel.

  4. Isn’t that ironic, a cat named Rascal that’s scared of thunder… Anyway, yes, I think I have my heart and mind in a fist fight. I want to open up here more than my common sense is letting – yet. Since I started this blog with the intention to write on a wide range of topics (not sure if that’s a good idea yet or not) I’m trying to think in too many directions at once and it’s causing a traffic jam in my head… I have had some unusual experiences lately that are quite heavy on my mind and heart. I may just go ahead and put it out there. I have nothing to loose. I’m even rambling now! LOL! You have a great weekend as well. Peace

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